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I offer full custom plan design and drafting services to make your home or project exactly what you need...

If you're a homeowner considering renovating your home, adding an addition or you're ready to build a new home, RK Designs is here to help with one on one customer service and a full range of design and drafting services to get your project going. Our main focus is on listening to your needs and desires, offering innovative design solutions. With over 25 years of experience we can handle any project big or small, from kitchen and bath designs to room additions, second floor additions, full house renovations or designing a plan for new home construction. We can collaborate directly with you, your contractor, builder or interior designer to make your project run smoothly.


We also offer specialized services for Builders, General Contractors and Interior Designers including Custom Plan Design, Plan Modification, Plan Portfolio Design, Community Maps, Presentation Renderings, 3D Modeling, Material Selection, Design Consulting and more.
With the power of 3D we can make your project come alive, offering you a clear look into your project. Having a clear, accurate view of your project ensures you get exactly what you want and takes the guesswork out of the contractor's bid so you can get your dream home without going over budget. 


Whether you have sketches on a napkin, or have a plan, we can design and adjust everything you want, or start from the plans we have built in the past. It doesn't matter if its a new home or a renovation, we will make it exactly what you need. In our plans, we present you with multiple design options for all rooms to make it fit your needs. With the ability to offer photo realistic renderings to visualize the project, we can make sure the design of your new home or renovation is planned and designed to give you exactly what you want.

Architectural plan & design

Renderings - Interior & Exterior

On site consultations with free estimates

Construction drawings for reconstruction of damaged homes or businesses

References available upon request



My name is Ricky King, founder of RK Designs. I have been designing homes for as long as I can remember. Even as a child I was fascinated with home designs and would draw house plans on grid paper just for fun. As I got older I never could pass an open house without taking a tour and saying "They should have added this" or "Why would they put the dishwasher there?". 


I started my career in the home building industry as an Architectural Draftsman over 30 years ago, It wasn't long until I was creating my own home designs and eventually, in 1997 I became a home builder. In my 18 years as a luxury custom home builder, I designed and built many stunning homes. I perfected the art of cost effective yet stunning, functional design. During my long career I've had the opportunity to work with some very discerning clients and talented construction industry professionals who pushed my skills and creativity to new heights.

With RK Designs, I'm using my many years of experience, construction knowledge, imagination and creativity to design one of a kind homes fit just for you, your family and your lifestyle.

Existing plans for sale: All of my custom plans provide evrything needed for pricing and permits. All plans can be adjusted to fit your needs based on an hourly rate. Contact me for customization and hourly estimates.

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Exterior 3d - 1.jpg
Exterior 3D - 1.jpg

4 Bedroom, 3-1/2 Baths

2097 sq ft

3 Bedroom, 3-1/2 Baths

2363 sq ft

3 Bedroom, 2-1/2 Baths

2440 sq ft


I offer full interior and exterior 3d video's of your home along with high end rendering's to allow you to visualize your new home before it is ever built, once play is clicked, you can click the enlarge button for full screen viewing.


In designing your new home, I can take a standard plan view of any room and help you visualize your new room before its ever built. This allows you to visualize and plan your dream room before construction. This service allows you to make color and material choices to give you exactly what your vision is before things are even built.


Before the construction of your new home or renovation project begins, I can help you visualize the design with different

material and color choices to help you visualize your project before it even begins.










McDonough GA United States

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