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The importance of communication between the homeowner, architect, designer and builder is crucial. With a design build company everything is handled by one team, working closely with the client, greatly reducing the chance of miscommunication. No more worrying if the builder received the changes from the architect or if the designer was informed of a construction change. Everyone is connected, informed and nothing falls through the cracks.


A home is somewhat like putting together a large jig-saw puzzle. It requires putting together hundreds of pieces by multiple different professionals to form a finished product. Unfortunately when multiple design professionals are working on one project, and everyone is competing for their ideas to be heard, pieces can get changed or overlooked or the completed home can end up a “mish-mash” of styles. With a design-build company we are all on the same team, working together and collaborating with the client on every aspect of design and construction to ensure that all the “puzzle pieces” come together to meet or exceed the client’s vision.


 Working with a design-build firm can save up to 15% in project cost. Traditionally a to build a custom home or complete a renovation a client might employ an architect for the design and construction drawings at a cost of approximately 10-15%, a designer or decorator to assist at a cost of 20-30% of selection cost, and a general contractor to oversee the construction at an average cost of 15% of construction cost. Separately these professionals can cost up to 30-35% of your total project budget. With the design-build process, the client typically pays a total of 15 to 20% of the total project cost for all services. This can save of up to   15-20% of your total projects cost. For example, on a small bathroom renovation with a budgeted cost of $10,000.00 the cost saving could be over $1,500.00. On a complex renovation project or large custom home the savings could easily reach over $100,000.00.


Design and construction involves managing multiple trades, material deliveries and schedules that need to coordinate on a tight timeline to be efficient and cost effective. As with most things, the more people involved the slower the process will be. Normally any delayed decision or change to the design can cause significant cost increases and time delays. The design-build process is highly adaptive and responsive in the field. Since the builder, architect and designer are one in the same, changes can be made with relative ease, and big decisions can be revisited during construction without change orders or additional fees. Design-build gives clients the time to contemplate big decisions, ask questions, stay informed and consider their options without delaying the project.

Whatever it is you need done we have the experience and expertise to get it right. Call us for a consultation.


 In the design-build process the project budget is defined during the design phase which creates greater cost control for the homeowner. The cost of everything is taken into account; all design cost, construction costs, material selection budgets, utilities, landscaping, etc.… The design can then be modified to conform to the client’s budget or the budget can be adjusted to accommodate the client’s wishes. Through clear communication and complete transparency the client is informed of potential cost saving measures and maintains complete control over project cost. The budget is defined early on and becomes the agreement for the entire project.


We all know that new home construction and renovation can be stressful. We’ve all heard stories of projects going way over budget or been through a difficult renovation. As a design-build company we relieve much of the stress by guiding the client through the entire process. From the first design sketches through the completed home we are there for our clients, guiding the way and managing the chaos into orderly steps.


CamCourt Homes is a full service design-build company specializing in the planning, design and construction of new custom homes, complex renovations, architectural restorations, kitchen and bathroom remodels, room additions, outdoor spaces, and exterior features. Unlike the conventional system of working with separate firms for architecture, interior design and general contracting, we streamline and personalize the custom home building and renovation process by bring all these services together. Our clients receive one on one personal service, efficiency and cost savings from design concept to competition.

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